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J.A. Sergio & Sons, Inc. is a full service General Contracting firm with the capability to handle any construction job you have.

Please feel free to check our web site and even give us a call to ask
us any questions you might have. We will be more than happy to assist you with your pending project.


General Contracting
General Contractors are responsible for overseeing construction projects and hiring the subcontractors needed to complete the job on time and on budget.

General Contractors coordinate construction for an entire building or structure. They hire the necessary subcontractors including electricians,
plumbers, and other needed specialists. The General Contractor oversees all the work being performed on the construction site.


Success Stories
We are proud of our accomplishments and have numerous success stories.

We would be happy to provide references and discuss previous projects upon request.
J.A. Sergio & Sons, Inc.
J.A. Sergio & Sons, Inc.